June 3, 2011

gorgeous rooms

I love the window
I love the ceiling the bed everything
who wouldn't love to live in a tree house?

Great kitchen table for my imaginary farm house!

I like groupings of eclectic things

I also have a thing for velvet furniture-


  1. Hi Emily,

    I wanted to thank you for the sweet comment you left on my blog, but you have on of those no-reply emails in your comment. If you want to fix it, there's a link right under my banner that will help you so you can have dialogs with other bloggers.

    Welcome to blogging! You have a stunning concept here. If you have time, reset your template so you can use bigger photos. I know I was popping them larger! Your ideas and inspirations are too cool to be that small.

    I'm your newest follower, because I think you're going to be an important blog to watch for new ideas.

  2. Oh my God,this tree house was really great and everyone would love to live in place like this. It was exquisite and the beauty unfolds. I was truly amazed with this house. I am imagining myself lay down on that unique bedroom. Thank you for sharing this fabulous post.

    Charles A