August 24, 2011

101 Things to do with an old window

Ok I only have one to show you but Im sure there are 101 plus out there somewhere in the world.

For these old windows I decided to use a mix of glass marbles and printed images.   I used "clear print your own shipping labels" paper and it sticks to my window with no effort at all.  I use a double tube clear epoxy to attach the marbles. O yeah I spent way too much time re-puttying the windows and scraping old paint off the glass.  A chain for the hanger and done.

French Cafe Window

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  1. Yahhhhhyyyy I am SO thrilled to see your post---I learned SO much! I always wondered what kind of glue was the best to adhere to glass---my mother-in-law were just having a conversation about that....andddd I would have never thought about printing on clear labels to have the "clear" look through the window! WONDERFUL ideas!!!! Thank you for inspiring me and for sharing your ideas! It means SO much to me!!!! :o)
    Jaime from Crafty Scrappy Happy

  2. I bet this is really beautiful when the sun shines through and catches the different color marbles. Great job! Very inspiring!