March 12, 2012

I actually tried something I saw On Pinterest

Up-cycled Project One
I used this old ladder as a shelf in my sons room, yes I saw the idea on Pinterest.  It actually worked out well and added some character to an ordinary boys room filled with space ships and dinos.  

Up-cycled Project Number TWO!!!

These are two vintage tins that I turned upside down for light fixtures.  I drilled holes for the lights and also for the chandelier crystals.  I had this old swag light fixture but it was ugly brass color but with a little spray paint problem solved.

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  1. Getting pretty clever there Emily. Today Pinterest tomorrow the world!


  2. I laughed when I saw your pictures because of the sword hanging from the ladder. I can't remember a time in my house where we didn't have swords like that hanging up (or more likely, laying around) somewhere.