October 1, 2012

Industrial Hardware Style

It all started when I found these incredibly awesome old school legs at a yard sale.  I didn't know what I would attach to them but whatever I came up with I knew would look great.  The issue tho was that they were an awkward height-to tall for a coffee table and not tall enough for a table we would eat at.
Last year I was given a old butcher block table that was left outside and was falling a part.  From what I could salvage from the table I made a top for the legs, a perfect size for a console table.  With a little light sanding(I didn't want to take away the weathered look) and some polyurethane and it was complete - an industrial sofa table.

Here it is...


  1. What a great piece! I love the legs of it. Megan

  2. Good job, you put together a really nice piece of furniture. Thanks for sharing this.