November 15, 2012

Shabby Chalk Paint Credenza

So I finally tried it perhaps Im the last one in the universe to not use chalk paint.  My honest opinion is yes it does look very nice its soft and does distress nicely but...perhaps its just me the two dark wood pieces I tried it on I had to paint 4 or more coats to get it to cover, weird stuff that I didn't even know was on the wood kept bleeding through.  The lighter wood I used it on was not as much trouble. The sanding (distressing I noticed was way messier too) I think that over all Im going to stick with using Behr paints with primer mostly because I have no time for multiple coats of paint or extra sanding or priming.  O yes and the samples are only $3.  Well I tried right?  

Here is my trial chalk paint credenza  (sorry no before)
I added glass knobs and some wood embellishment. 

 Secret Hidden blue!


  1. You're not the only one - I haven't used Chalk Paint either - I have a homemade receipe that I got from a blogger - but haven't tried it yet. Where do you get samples for $3? Can you share that information? I'd try it for that price on a piece of furniture that's small (painting 4-5 coats on a big item -does sound time consuming). Good job on your dresser - I like it that you spent time painting inside - alot of folks don't do that & yours looks really nice. Thank you

  2. I am a lover of chalk paint. Not sure why it took 4 coats, that is awful and costly-both time and paint.
    I do love how it turned out!