November 11, 2013

Blast From the Past

Vintage kitchen cabinet, right out of an old house here locally.  Sadly it must have sat in someones barn for a while  because it was disgusting inside, sorry I did not get to capture all of the grossness that was on the inside(I know your sad about not seeing cob webs, dirt grease, mold). With a little cleaning and fresh paint it is actually useable now and would make a great pantry or kitchen storage cabinet for someone.  

I decided not to paint the outside instead I just sanded and sanded and sanded and ...  I really liked the chipping paint and the layers of old paint showing through.  I tried preserving all its original hardware even the glass knobs that someone had painted. I put a layer of polyurethane over the whole cabinet so it would not chip or distress anymore than it already was.  

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  1. Oh my...what a charming piece you have here. Thank you for sharing it at my party.