August 24, 2011

101 Things to do with an old window

Ok I only have one to show you but Im sure there are 101 plus out there somewhere in the world.

For these old windows I decided to use a mix of glass marbles and printed images.   I used "clear print your own shipping labels" paper and it sticks to my window with no effort at all.  I use a double tube clear epoxy to attach the marbles. O yeah I spent way too much time re-puttying the windows and scraping old paint off the glass.  A chain for the hanger and done.

French Cafe Window

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My green happy table was featured at another awesome site!

August 13, 2011

The Summer Tree

Once upon a time there was an old and ugly oak table.  All scratched up with no one to love it.  Then one day a very nice princess decided to paint it and love it and put her special touch on it.  Then everyone loved it and wanted to buy it.  The table was loved once again and lived happily ever after!!!

                           Before (sad table)

AFTER (Happy table)

The End

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August 12, 2011

Fiesta Shelf

A plain old dark wood shelf that was full of holes and lack of character is now a perfect display shelf for my dishes.

Library Chair

This was an old library chair that needed a little more pizzaz so with new upholstery and many colors of paint its now the fanciest "Time-out Chair" ever!!!


August 5, 2011

Old door coffee table

This is the old door that I got for free at the recycle center.  I thought It needed to be a coffee table so I cut it down painted and sanded. Then I put on the old hardware that I had.  Then the challenge was finding legs that were not much more than the price of my door (free). 
P.S.  a big thanks to my friend who rode around in my jeep with this big door shoved up right next to his head!

I think it would look great in a shabby sun room!!!

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