March 17, 2013

Look What I Made

Ok I couldn't find a plate rack that fit my Fiesta ware while also being the right size to go under an existing cabinet so I had to make my own.  It was easier said than done!  I had bought a short cabinet with glass doors last summer at a yard sale and never found the right thing to put it on.  I decided to keep it for my dishes and build a plate rack to fit underneath.  There was a lot of math and measuring involved (not my strong suite) in getting all the dowels to line up like a puzzle.  It actually all turned out and hasn't fallen off the wall!  I also added bead-board to the side and fancy corbels to the bottom.

 More Fiesta Ware displayed just because I love it!!!

Distinguished Desk

An old estate sale desk (or could be used as small sideboard) redone in shabby blue with a hint of teal underneath. 



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March 15, 2013

Potting Bench

Nasty old bench that I have had sitting outside for a long time has found a new life as a lovely potting bench.
All it needed was a good scrubbing then I stained it, painted the top white and poof pretty up-cycled table.



Wedding Dresser

This note was found in the drawer of an old dresser, It's sweet and rare to know the actual history of a piece of furniture or that something actually lasted this long.  I tried to restore it best I could while still bringing it up to date.  I wanted to keep it timeless yet still accentuate all of the beautiful detail of the wood and curves.  If only this dresser could talk !



Grandma chair

Ugly grandma chair redone



Now this is a rocker i'd have in my house.


I bought this table with out really looking at it thinking it would replace our dining room table because the lady said it had three leaves!  Well as we were loading it it became clear that this was not going into my house the leaves were only 5" wide (what it the point of that)  nonetheless it makes the table a foot shorter than the table I have now.  so I painted it to sale in stonewashed by Behr then dry brushed with a chateau color.   The legs and detail are beautiful too  bad it is too small.

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Beige on white bird end table.