November 15, 2012

Shabby Chalk Paint Credenza

So I finally tried it perhaps Im the last one in the universe to not use chalk paint.  My honest opinion is yes it does look very nice its soft and does distress nicely but...perhaps its just me the two dark wood pieces I tried it on I had to paint 4 or more coats to get it to cover, weird stuff that I didn't even know was on the wood kept bleeding through.  The lighter wood I used it on was not as much trouble. The sanding (distressing I noticed was way messier too) I think that over all Im going to stick with using Behr paints with primer mostly because I have no time for multiple coats of paint or extra sanding or priming.  O yes and the samples are only $3.  Well I tried right?  

Here is my trial chalk paint credenza  (sorry no before)
I added glass knobs and some wood embellishment. 

 Secret Hidden blue!

November 3, 2012


I just refilled my Etsy store with vintage kitchen items just in time for the holidays!!!
 Check it out Freckle Face  
(with more item to come)

October 30, 2012

Up-cycled Orb Chandelier

I have been seeing these amazing orb chandeliers around and have decided to try making one of my own.  It all started with a cheap brass chandler, old barrel rings, and some old rope.

Ugly chandelier 

Old Rope

Barrel rings

I drilled a small pilot hole into one ring at a time then increased the size of the drill bit until it would fit my bolt at the bottom and the top of the chandelier at the top.  I used the chandeliers final to attach my rope.  For the chandelier I spray painted it black and attached chandelier crystals.  


October 13, 2012

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

Here are some miscellaneous smaller projects that I have been working on. They have not made it into blog-land until now.

Green and wood end table

Two toned end table


Green distressed small chest of drawers


Sweet little vintage desk


October 3, 2012

Opulent Wood Carved Settee

My opulent wood carved settee with french damask fabric was not always so pretty.  In the beginning it was dark, dated and red velvet is not my favorite.

(isn't it dreamy?)

This was actually a lot of work the first step was to spray paint the entire piece silver. ( kept looking over my shoulder waiting to be arrested by the antique furniture police)   The second step was to dry brush over the silver using the color chateau by Behr.  The third step ( and the hardest) was to distress the entire piece.  I didn't like the way sandpaper looked so I used steel wool.  I went through so many pieces the stuff just disintegrates over all the wood details.  I also don't think my hand has fully recovered either. 

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October 1, 2012

Industrial Hardware Style

It all started when I found these incredibly awesome old school legs at a yard sale.  I didn't know what I would attach to them but whatever I came up with I knew would look great.  The issue tho was that they were an awkward height-to tall for a coffee table and not tall enough for a table we would eat at.
Last year I was given a old butcher block table that was left outside and was falling a part.  From what I could salvage from the table I made a top for the legs, a perfect size for a console table.  With a little light sanding(I didn't want to take away the weathered look) and some polyurethane and it was complete - an industrial sofa table.

Here it is...