February 23, 2012

My New Headboard

These two old wood panels I found had so much character, holes, knots and the lines I thought they would be perfect as a head board.  I used the color antique tin by behr a little distressing I mounted them to the wall so they would sit higher than the bed.


February 22, 2012

big ol' heavy buffet

I got this buffet because I needed more storage space in my kitchen, it weighs a ton but I thought I could bring some new life back into it.  It had some nice lines already so I added new hardware and a wooden accent piece. The color is Hilltop by behr  



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Living Room Before and After

This is the living room in our new house before:

This is the living room after:
I used Hammered Gold by Behr and tried to disguise the 500 outlets that were in the living room for surround sound and security and everything under the sun the old owner could think to install.  I removed the giant white board on the wall for the projector.

Disclaimer more rooms to come
***So if Im not posting Im painting***(:

February 9, 2012

feature Thanks!!!

A big thank you to Carrie @ Making Lemonade for featuring my Farmhouse hutch it made my day, thanks!
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Making Lemonade

February 7, 2012

Be Bold!!!

Ever wonder what to do with all your left over paint colors?  Well I got your solution use them all on your rustic farmhouse dresser.  It re-mindes me of quote "never fear being vulgar just boring"  This dresser is defiantly not boring.  



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a new life

This is another piece from my marathon painting day. This little end table needed a new life it was rescued right out of the Brady Bunch house.    As you may see I started painting it yellow and then dry brushed it in white then antiqued it for it final look of shabby elegance.



feast or famine

When it rains it pours  Im sure there are more I just can't think of right now anyway usually when I paint furniture I put it in my booths and it sits there for at least 3 months before it sells.  We are right in the middle of moving so my life is upside down and in a box and that is the same time that everyone has decided to go a furniture buying spree.  On top of my crazy hectic life I have been hunting and painting furniture like crazy to fill my empty spaces.  In one day I painted two dressers and an end table, phew and I'm tired.  Here is the first of the three, its not crazy or dramatic but I think it still a change for the better. 

note my work space is being invaded by boxes


February 5, 2012

$3 salvation army table

Yes I said $3 it was sitting out front begging to be rescued  and of course I forgot to take a before picture. ): So you'll have to trust me when I say it was UGLY brown, faded, scratched wood and the glass in the center was missing.  With a little help from my favorite color of the month voyage by behr and a new piece of glass only $4- its a whole new table!  Second hand store-never again.  I added a little extra touch and made a collage out of paris postcards to go under the glass.

Paris Table

February 2, 2012

Antique Eclectic

I have been eyeing this lovely end table at the local antique store and the price was right so I finally bought it.  The detail and lines are elegant and with a little lipstick and some eye shadow she's pretty and ready for anything.



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