March 17, 2014

Up-cycling Mid-Century Furniture

When I look for furniture pieces to paint I usually try to find  antique dressers, hutches things with lots of detail and character.  Sometimes all I find are fake wood 80's pieces ( yuck) Other times what I find are classic, real wood mid-century modern pieces (yea).  They remind me of my grandmas house and even though they are not everyones style they can be very attractive.  I have at times chosen to go against there true character and try to disguise them into being more distressed or rustic. Other times I work with the furniture and try to bring back is original beauty.

This first one was neglected left out in the rain and sun.  The wood was warped and gray faded full of cobwebs and leaves. 


Mid-Century Credenza

Clean and Simple Hutch

Not so impressive hutch freshened up with white paint and turquoise on the inside and new hardware.


Smile It's Almost Spring

March 3, 2014

Delightful Antique Dresser

A redo of an antique dresser I thought it needed a little cheering up it was looking a bit drab.  I used a combination of several colors by Behr- hilltop, scotland isle and painted turtle. 



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