September 20, 2012

Finally the Chair Reveal

I bought these chairs about 5 months ago and boy oh boy were they need of some help.  Full of ambition I started ripping of the old fabric, foam, stables and that is where my ambition died. 
 What a mess the previous owner had done a horrible upholstery job to hid the ugly rust colored crushed velvet with even uglier white silk fabric.  She had glued and stabled right on top of the wood frame and tufting and everything.  

I literally removed about 9000 staples not kidding I had blisters from my pliers.  Once I removed everything from the frame I then painted the the two matching chairs cathedral grey by Behr and the oval chair stonewashed by Behr then sanded and antiqued them both. 

After all the hard work prepping them to be upholstered I was not prepared for all the blood sweat and tears that goes into upholstery. (not kidding I gave new meaning to the term "having you stomach stapled")It's a little more tedious than I was expecting furniture is more my speed-wham bam done.

 Well here they are the reveal

 Burlap on the back 

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September 16, 2012

Fireplace before and after

This is the fireplace redo I did for a customer, the cherry wood no longer matched her decor.  I gave it a rustic shabby chic look by painting it stonewashed by Behr then sanding and adding a layer of antiquing glaze.  Now it looks like new- I mean old!



September 12, 2012


I have gone a little chalkboard crazy lately buying up picture frames and fancy mirrors.  I used black brush on chalkboard paint at first until I discovered how to make my own (thanks Pinterest-thankyou Martha Stewart).  The beauty of making your own chalkboard paint is that you can use any color you want!  The recipe is easy just mix non-sanded grout to your paint at a 1:2 ratio, you can buy the grout at any hardware store its cheap too and you get a ton of it. You can paint over anything canvas, glass,mirror, cardboard. 

 This next one started as one of those ugly paintings we all run from at yard sales and goodwill but the frame had potential.



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September 9, 2012

What I've been up to...

This has been a huge special order project for a customer who has been redoing her house in a beach cottage theme.  She wanted a desk, dresser and bed frame done for her stepdaughters room.  It had to be a little girly and glamours while still fitting the theme of the house.

The desk was originally red with ugly knobs and on the bed I added wood embellishments then painted it black. 

Dresser Before


 I first painted the dresser and desk light blue then dry brushed gray and beige onto them. I also added a layer of antiquing glaze.  I found and spray painted old handles for the dresser and added a damask stencil to give it some girly flare.  

 The dresser got a wood embellishment and black crystal knobs to try to tie all three pieces together.

Damask wallpaper in drawers

Then I got the call that the dresser and desk will be on the same wall so they wanted the two pieces to be different.  So I then dry brushed on a layer of dark teal on the edges.

NEXT (master bedroom)
This before picture is of the customers dresser, they have a headboard that was described to me as having grey beach wood with burlap upholstery.  I tried to reproduce that look with her dresser.


 Beach cottage guest room

For the guest room I painted a plain wood headboard and footboard.  A dresser and mirror that is exactly the same as the one in their masted bedroom.(only done in a completely different way) Also a plain wood hutch.



 Painted the inside venus teal by Behr for that pop of color.

 The color I used on the dresser is Cathedral by Behr 

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