Up-cycled Wednesday Feature Party

Every Wednesday I will scour Blogland for the best of your up-cycled projects and I will feature them here!!!

 Brand new, first ever up-cycled Wednesday features!!!!
The first one is french chest by European Paint Finishes  I love the way she let the natural wood contrast with the distressed grey color.  Every detail is accentuated perfectly!!!

Check out this awesome up-cycled craft room by Melissa @ Shabby Love
She used a old crib mattress spring as her inspiration board.
 She used clothespins and twine to hang this old burlap sack, creating a rustic valance.
Now that's up-cycling!!!

This dresser form Erin @ Richmond Thrifter

This is a great dresser redo and like a lot of us she pulled her inspiration from another dresser project she saw.  I keep being drawn to the contrasting wood and paint design I'm glad others are too!

Up-Cycled Wednesday #2
Yes I got super busy I totally forgot last weeks feature's but never fear I will try it again.  I love looking through everyones blogs to see what great idea's you have come up with- and there are a lot.

~ This is a small sample of things that have caught me eye ~

 I have a special place in my heart for waterfall dressers and Anneke @Rustichic did this awesome Union Jack Buffett redo.  She did a great job, and it looked like it was a lot of work too.   I love the color choices!

This next dresser I just think is PRETTY its soft, delicate with great detail and the blue is perfect.  Its by ShabbyMomma

This is one nightstand that I would have passed up but Im sure glad SHE didn't because now its a completely different piece. (sometimes YOU can find a deal at goodwill)   
This is from Emily @ Go Haus Go

Ok this is my last one.  
This really nice redo dresser is from a new blogger the colors and distressing are really nice.  I can't want to see what else she comes up with.