October 30, 2011

Haunted Furniture

In the spirit of Halloween Im writing about haunted furniture!!!
If you believe it or not I thought it would be fun to see what popped up in a haunted furniture google search.  Since most of us buy/ sell and paint old furniture we are never really sure of where it came from or what history is attached to it.  I like to think that everything was well loved and came from a good place.   I was watching a the movie "Please Give" with Catherine Keener and she kept imagining the people that used to own the furniture she was selling.  I guess that is what inspired this post.  I take pride in being able to bring back to life a old piece of furniture and give it a new future.  
The only thing that I truly fear when buying used furniture is CAT PEE!)

What turned up on my search:
Haunted furniture for sale!

Sarah writes, "To make a long story short, I have a haunted bedroom set.  I am going to sell it.  It has been in my family for about 200 years. There are multiple spirits that come through it.  They touch you, wake you and move your things.  you can see faces in the wood etc, etc. Other people besides myself have had experiences with it, so I know its not just me. I know that I probably sound nonchalant but I have lived with it all my life and am used to it. The bed itself is beautiful and has never been touched by a refinisher or restorer. There are many stories that go with the bed, but it would take too long to write them down. I thought this medium might be fitting for the set as I will try my best to be cautious about who ends up with it. If you have any interest or know anyone who would, contact me at....

The internet is full of haunted furniture stories and what to do with it if it is indeed haunted.  Mostly they suggest chopping it up and burning it, then burying it.  Blessing it, or just getting rid of it.  Hey maybe painting it will work too.

"Should you think twice about buying an antique? Absolutely not. I personally love old things, be they furniture or trinkets. There is something about holding something that has been around much longer than I have. You can almost feel a powerful energy when you touch something old. What you are feeling is the vibrations of the object or of the person that owned it. Psychometry is the ability to interpret those vibrations. Unfortunately, I do not possess that particular gift to any usable degree. Even so, I still love old things and I would never abstain from buying something I liked simply out of the fear that a deceased someone may come with the object. Let common sense rule here. If you are looking at an object and for some reason you cannot explain, you are both attracted to an item but also get a bad feeling about it, pass it up. Trust your instincts; they were given to you for a reason. I have heard of cases where an object seemed to bring bad luck to whoever owned it. In many of those cases, the owner will tell you that there was something about it that he didn’t like but he bought it anyway. Sometimes a buy appears to be too good to be true. There is usually a reason for that. I am sure that many collectors have a story or two to tell."
this is an excerpt from a article I found -click for more info



Anything and Everything.  It could be as small as a pin or as large as a house.  It just depends.  Most often people purchase things like dolls, jewelry, books, paintings, furniture or other objects from yard sales, estate sales, antique stores, etc…without realizing there is an attachment to it.  The only safe thing you can do to prevent this is just not bring these items to the location.

This post was not intended to offend anyone or their beliefs, just a subject I find interesting.  If you have any haunted furniture stories to share feel free!!!  
Happy Halloween


  1. I havent seen this movie but haunted furniture seem really scary.

  2. Good post and now you have me thinking...WHERE has this used furniture been??

  3. sooooo scary!!! i have an old dresser that came with a tiny black and white picture of a couple that is sooo scary looking infact when i put it in my house i got the worst heavy feeling, we took it out right away and now it sits in my garage unfinished. i knew i shouldnt remove the picture that was attached to the inside of the dresser... so creepy!!!

  4. I inherited my older sister's dresser (I think it was used when my parents bought it for her) as a kid. It never gave me any issues until I was in high school. I started to hear someone whisper my name loudly while in bed late at night and thought it was my brother messing with me. I flipped on my light, and when I did, there was a big demon face that looked like it was formed out of flames on the front of the dresser!!! I screamed, and my parents and brother all woke up and came to see what was wrong. Only my dad and brother believed me (mom's a skeptic). I always
    saw the face after that in the grain of the wood. My mom gave the dresser to my sister, who believes me but loves her dresser so she doesn't care about the demon. Ha ha. She lives across the U.S. from me now. I kind of want to see the
    dresser again, just to see if the face is still there. :)


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