April 10, 2012

Italian inspired dresser

On this dresser I used the Martha Stewart textured metallic paint for the design I drew on the front and the stencil on sides.  The down fall of this product is that it took almost four days to dry in my garage that was not that cold.  I even took the blow dyer to it and it helped a little, I'm not sure if I would use it again unless it's really hot outside.  I sanded and distressed the whole thing to give it that aged look.  I didn't have 16 matching knobs for the dresser so I took all the mismatch knobs I had laying around and spray painted them all the same color.



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  1. wow! Looks great! Found you at Primitive and Proper...love the new look and love the idea of putting different knobs into one project. love it!

  2. that is awesome! i love the design and the distressing!

  3. Beautiful work! I love the mismatched knobs.

  4. Looks amazing, love the color tones, great job!

  5. Hi - very nice. I love it...especially how you distressed it. There are other metallic paint companies out there that will dry faster. I have never used Martha's metallics, but I would think they would be expensive. Try Modern Masters - they make opaque and semi opaque - and transculent metallic paints. Some paint stores carry them - or you can ask your local paint store to get them for you. Or - go their website (I think Modernmasters.com)to find a distributor. I think that Melanie Royals (www.royaldesignstudio.com) carries their paints - plus she has the most fabulous stencil line. Try her site first.

    There are other metallic paint companies - I also use Aqua Finishing Solutions - they have a number of metallics (Designer Metallics, Metal Effects - and a line called Aqua Bond - where you can get Gold, Silver, Bronze, Copper, Pearl and I think they do a Red also). These will dry faster for you. They also have a line called Metal Glow - which takes forever to dry!! So - don't get that one!

    Try to visit my blog post project (I put it on Power of Paint - it's called Ceiling Design and Room Re-Do). I put it up a few minutes ago!


  6. It turned out gorgeous! Thanks for linking up at Feathered Nest Friday!