September 12, 2012


I have gone a little chalkboard crazy lately buying up picture frames and fancy mirrors.  I used black brush on chalkboard paint at first until I discovered how to make my own (thanks Pinterest-thankyou Martha Stewart).  The beauty of making your own chalkboard paint is that you can use any color you want!  The recipe is easy just mix non-sanded grout to your paint at a 1:2 ratio, you can buy the grout at any hardware store its cheap too and you get a ton of it. You can paint over anything canvas, glass,mirror, cardboard. 

 This next one started as one of those ugly paintings we all run from at yard sales and goodwill but the frame had potential.



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  1. fantastic. thanks for the tip with the grout. Visiting from Redoux

  2. What fun ideas! They are so pretty. I found your link next to mine at Redoux. :)

  3. Love it! I never, ever can get enough of chalkboards. You go making your own chalkboard paint!