September 9, 2012

What I've been up to...

This has been a huge special order project for a customer who has been redoing her house in a beach cottage theme.  She wanted a desk, dresser and bed frame done for her stepdaughters room.  It had to be a little girly and glamours while still fitting the theme of the house.

The desk was originally red with ugly knobs and on the bed I added wood embellishments then painted it black. 

Dresser Before


 I first painted the dresser and desk light blue then dry brushed gray and beige onto them. I also added a layer of antiquing glaze.  I found and spray painted old handles for the dresser and added a damask stencil to give it some girly flare.  

 The dresser got a wood embellishment and black crystal knobs to try to tie all three pieces together.

Damask wallpaper in drawers

Then I got the call that the dresser and desk will be on the same wall so they wanted the two pieces to be different.  So I then dry brushed on a layer of dark teal on the edges.

NEXT (master bedroom)
This before picture is of the customers dresser, they have a headboard that was described to me as having grey beach wood with burlap upholstery.  I tried to reproduce that look with her dresser.


 Beach cottage guest room

For the guest room I painted a plain wood headboard and footboard.  A dresser and mirror that is exactly the same as the one in their masted bedroom.(only done in a completely different way) Also a plain wood hutch.



 Painted the inside venus teal by Behr for that pop of color.

 The color I used on the dresser is Cathedral by Behr 

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