November 14, 2011

Happy Monday

It's a beautiful sunny fall day here in Oregon, it makes for a even happier Monday. 
 I have been very busy working on all the little's (small decor items that are the filler in my furniture booths)  I find it a pain because Im not a meticulous person, so I would rather get one piece of furniture done in one or two days and sell it for 10 times the price of one little item.   But in the end it all  looks nice and adds some variety. 

Here's just a small glimpse of one of my projects. 
I made scrabble tile Christmas signs using an old broken picture frame.  

Monday inspiration:


  1. very cute project:) I named you as a recipient o the Liebster award on my blog this morning.

  2. Emily, these are Wonderful! I love how you "stepped up the game" with the picture frame mouldings - and the various colors make it all pop!!

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