November 3, 2011

Top Secret

Top Secret -Technique 

This is my little secret weaponed, I use this Rub n' Buff on everything!  If I have hardware from an old dresser that is the dreaded brass color or if it not aged enough. I just rub this stuff on and poof I don't have to buy new hardware.  

I thought for once I would use it for its intended purpose, that is for aging picture frames.  Well at least I found it in the picture framing section of the craft store.  They have several colors to choose from but the one I like is the Spanish copper. 

I got this nice picture but I thought the gold frame just looked tacky in my house.  I just rubbed on my Rub n' Buff I used a paint brush for the places my fingers couldn't reach.  

It dries quickly and has the consistency of shoe polish, I sometimes need paint thinner to clean out my brush but it usually comes off my finger with a little soap and scrubbing. 
All said its a cheap alternative to replacing hardware or picture frame.  


  1. I forgot about this product! thanks for the reminder! Frame looks great! you lifted it from The Louvre!! lol

  2. I think I actually have some of this and have not used it!!! Thanks for the tip.

  3. i need to find some. your picture frame looks great!