November 22, 2011

Up-cycled Wednesday Feature Party #3

Well its almost Thanksgiving and on this rainy blustery day I found some pictures and up-cycled projects that I hope you enjoy.

Cheese grater/pencil holder
 I wish that I could find some card catalog drawers, so awesome.
 This is such a great idea, too bad I my 100lb dog won't fit in a suitcase!
 I love this idea I just can't tell if its the whole suitcase or they just cut the front off and mounted it to a drawer.  I have to try this.  (The bucket lamp is cool too)

 Super fun vintage christmas display and functional too.  

 Im adding this to my list of lamp and chandelier projects I have to try.  so pretty!

My favorite fall colors, there is so much I could do with these. 

I love the angel wings on the chairs it's beautiful and whimsical, very angelic! 

News paper on the bathroom wall! Who knew it would look so cool.

Fall wreath made from twigs and fabric roses, simple and nice. 

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  1. So....I am scrolling along enjoying the amazing inspiration that you collected and THEN....the wings on the chairs!!!!!!!! OMG! Took me right over the edge. Seriously amazing. Thanks for the inspiration!!