May 11, 2012

New to Old Cabinet Makeover

Sometimes I find really nice furniture but sadly its too nice and I want it to look like its been around for a while.  This cabinet I have was nice but it had no character and I wanted it to look like a weathered  apothecary cabinet.

I decided to take a couple of different colors and paint a few sections (It looks like a piece of furniture form the 80's)  The goal is to have several colors of paint showing through at the end to give the look of an old piece of furniture that has been painted several times over the years.

After all the colors I covered the entire piece in crackle glaze and let dry for about an hour then painted it.  The color is by Behr I had to do two coats to cover the all colors.  When it was all dry I sanded the entire surface to let some of the different colors show through.  Some spots were sanded even heavier  to allow more wood to show through.  The results are subtle but it was the aged look I was going for.

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