May 30, 2012

Too hot to handle too cold to hold

Finally after years of -just living with it -my husband let me paint his end table and dresser!!!  woohoo!
I brought home a dresser from an estate sale and he decided that he want to to keep it for himself.  Let me tell you this NEVER happens, he is always telling me that "I can't keep everything that I bring home".    In my excitement I forgot to take before pictures but they were not much to look at just plain raw wood with forest green wood knobs.  The end table we are keeping (until I find something better to replace it, hehe) so I thought we should have a pop of color in the bedroom.  I used Behr red pepper and dry brushed over the wood one coat I wanted a lot of the wood to show than sanded for the old world furniture look.  

I got a box of these knobs form a yard sale and I have been using them on everything I can.

Pictures of the dresser coming very soon!!!

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  1. I saw this on Furniture Friday, you did a great job! I love how you make furniture look so aged :)