July 16, 2012

Exit lights

Look at all my weekend finds!!!  90% of this stuff I got at the Habitat for Humanity Re-store (love that place) I had to do some digging and a lot of it was dirty and buried in the back lot. It was fun now I have to work and make things with all this stuff. 

I bought the farm painting above because the artist is Steve Martin maybe not The Steve Martin but Im going to pretend it is.

Now for the very best find of all!!!

 This awesome sign was buried in a trash box even with the broken neon I thought it was a great score for only $10.
 Perfect chippiness

 someone painted over the words on the backside but I think if I use paint thinner carefully I can restore it.

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  1. Hello, I am sitting here at my computer in awe of your incredible talent and your amazing blog. I was just out surfing the web and there you were. I am in love with your French Armoire, but that is no surprise . . . I can not imagine anyone not falling head over heels in love with it. The way you layered two pieces to make it massive. What a marvelous idea!
    I am your newest follower #200. I'm a retired activity director at an assisted living building. It was my job for many years to do crafts, play games, give parties, bring in entertainment and do anything and all things to makes these dear folks enjoy their golden years. Now, I'm approaching mine, LOL. I hope someday there will be someone out there that wants to play with me and throw me a party. I've been strolling through some of your past posts and when I'm done typing this, I plan on going through some more. You have created a beautiful site. Please accept my warm invitation to come over and follow me back. Have a wonderful week,
    I hope to hear from you, Connie :)